White Discharge (Leukorrhea): Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

White discharge, medically known as leukorrhea, is “yellowish whitish discharge from female genital”. It is also called Safed Pani in Hindi. Almost all females around the world suffer from it in some period of their life.  leukorrhea or Safed Pani causes physical and mental disturbance in females. Foul smell with leukorrhea also interferes in the sexual life of female and indirectly promotes mental tension and irritation in families.

white discharge home remedies

What is white discharge?

Vagina contains the perfect amount of healthy bacteria and fungus which maintain vaginal ph to slightly acidic level. Vaginal discharge is the cleaning process of the vagina to get rid of dead bacteria, cells, and dirt. Quantity and consistency of this discharge can vary depending upon the menstruation cycle, emotional status, and age. It can also vary female to female.

Types of white discharge:

  • White discharge before period:

Lack of female hormones and shading of the uterine wall (endometrium) produce irritation and discomfort in lower abdomen and groin region. In response to this, the body produces an excessive secretion from the vaginal gland.

  •  White discharge after period:

After period uterine cavity is clean and empty. Level of female hormones gradually increases. Due to this, blood supply in uterus and vagina increases. This period is known as proliferative phase. During this time there is excessive growth of membrane in all organs of the reproductive tract.

  • White discharge during sex:

During sexual intercourse, adrenaline hormones in blood increase. It stimulates blood supply to female reproductive system. Thus in response to adrenaline hormones, Bartholin gland of vagina releases excessive amount of watery discharge. This discharge washes out all the dirt and pathogens from the vagina and neutralizes vaginal ph to maintain the highest amount of mobility for sperm. This discharge during sex helps in mobility and fertility of sperms.

  • White discharge after sex:

Adrenaline hormones are responsible for white discharge after sex. Sperm is active in the vagina for 1-2 hours after sex. In this duration white discharge after sex maintains vaginal ph to neutral.

  • Pregnancy white discharge:

This discharge is also common and almost every pregnant female experiences it. The reason behind pregnancy leukorrhea is increased level of female hormones and increased blood supply in the female reproductive system. In pregnancy, there is hypertrophy of cells which is also an important factor for white discharge during pregnancy. This is also an early sign of pregnancy.

  • Pathogenic leukorrhea:

Vagina is very prone to infection due to its position between anal canal and urethra. From these two, the microorganism can easily travel to the vagina.

Safed Pani due to infection produce symptoms like,

  • Foul smell leukorrhea
  • Smell in discharge
  • Itching in vagina and vulva
  • Pain in urination
  • Backache
  • Pain during sex
  • Pain after sex
  • Burning Sensation in the vaginal area
  • Pain in vagina
  • Mild fever
  • Yellow discharge
  • Green discharge
  • Milky white discharge
  • Brown discharge
  • Staining of undergarment

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  •  White discharge in urine:

White discharge in urine is different from leukorrhea. It is due to bacterial infection in urinary tract. In females, due to the small length of the urethra, infection can easily travel to the vagina, thus produces symptoms of urinary tract and leucorrhoea simultaneously.

  • White discharge in male urine:

White discharge in male is completely different from female. It is due to bacterial infection of urinary tract.

Causes of white discharge:

  • Increased amount of female hormones (estrogen mainly, progesterone) in blood.
  • Increased blood supply to vagina and cervix.
  • Emotional stimulation.
  • Pathogens (bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis candidiasis, sexually transmitted disease, etc.)
  • Other diseases like uterine fibroid, uterine polyp, ovarian cyst etc.

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Diagnosis of leukorrhea:

Safed Pani is only a symptom of underlying disease. For diagnosis of underlying disease, clinical examination and the pathological investigation is must.

  • Vaginal Swab
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Pelvic ultrasound (USG)
  • Pap Smear

Leucorrhoea and Ayurveda:

In Ayurveda texts, Leucorrhoea has been defined as “Shwet Pradar”. Imbalanced diet and lifestyle vitiate Tridosha system of the body. These vitiated Vaat, Pitt, and Kapha produce the symptom of Safed Pani.

In Safed Pani, there is mainly deviation in Vyan Vayu and Appan Vayu. These stimulate vaginal cells to produce excessive secretion known as Aam Kapha .  Vaginal discharge of Aam Kapha produces symptoms like discharge, itching, heaviness and deviated Vaat produces symptoms like pain in vagina vulva.

This is the first stage of Shwet Pradar if the disease is not treated here than deviated Vaat and Aam kapha can create major reproductive tract problems.

According to Ayurveda Shwet Pradar is the root for the most female genital problem.

White discharge treatment:

Physiological white discharge is not a disease so does not require any treatment. Safed Pani with symptoms like itching and pain need a clinical checkup. Leucorrhoea is not a medical emergency but treating it earlier can prevent major health issues in future.

  • Antibiotic in Safed Pani–  According to laboratory test and sensitivity, physician will advise the course of antibiotics.
  • Anti-fungal-  Oral anti-fungal and vaginal anti-fungal both are available. even combination therapy of both is also effective.
  • Vaginal Alkalizer– To neutralized vaginal ph.
  • Painkillers

white discharge home remedies

Ayurvedic treatment for leukorrhea:

  • Lodhra (symplocos racemosa)
  • Ashok (saraca ashoka)
  • Chandan (santalum albus)
  • Vat shunng -banyan tree (ficus benghalensis)
  • Panch valkkal (specific combination of some plant of Moraceae family)
  • Bol badha ras (Ayurveda composition)
  • Arogy vardhani (Ayurveda composition)

Home remedy for Safed Pani:

  • Drinking honey with Luke warm water is beneficial for the female reproductive system.
  • Do wear 100% cotton made undergarment.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain vaginal ph.
  • Always wash genital from front to back.
  • Maintain good hygiene during menstruation.
  • Enjoy safe sex only.
  • Apply genital soap or specific vaginal wash.
Disclaimer –

Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. for any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us

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