πŸ’– Brown Vaginal Discharge: Types, Symptoms, Causes

Brown Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Brown vaginal discharge is normal? No, this is not a color that we associate with a good sign. What we considered normal if it seems clear and white. The amount of the loss of discharge is different for every woman.

Some women produce some relief, while others see it every day. Brown vaginal discharge is normal functioning of the body and should not be regarded as unclean or unhealthy. It a way for your body to get rid of fluid cells and large. Brown vaginal discharge may change color, become heavier, or smell different. Since these changes are usually caused by vaginal infections and itching vaginal irritation occurs also, but said the change is not always a sign of vaginal infection is not.

Brown Vaginal Discharge

1. What Is Brown Vaginal Discharge?

Brown vaginal discharge can look alarmingly healthy, but it’s not always a cause for concern. Vaginal discharge is a very common process occurring in women after she reaches adoloscent stage. It is a natural process which helps to discharge the excess secretions from the secretory glands of cervix to protect the women from infection and shed off odd cells. The color, odour and amount of discharge varies with the menstruation and reproductive cycle of a woman. But what about a brown vaginal discharge?

White or red vaginal discharge is quite common but a dark brown vaginal discharge can be a matter of concern. It is a old blood that is left in the vaginal walls or due to the transformation of the red cells into brown due to delay in their discharge. Also if the brown vaginal discharge is accompanied with pain, vaginal dryness, itching, rash, burning, hot to touch, loss of appetite, pain with intercourse, frequent urination, infertility and others then its recommended to consult a doctor. A check up with the doctor is always recommended.

2. Causes Of Brown Discharge:

infographic Causes Of Brown Discharge

3. Symptoms Of Brown Discharge:

Other symptoms of infection May be itching, swelling, odor, green, yellow or gray discharge foam and texture of the ricotta possible causes for the brown vaginal discharge could be genital warts, a theme that address later. Other possible causes and symptoms

3.1. The symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease:

  • Net food
  • Fertility problems
  • Infertility
  • Abdominal pain
  • Brown vaginal discharge

3.2. Gonorrhea (STD) symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Lesions of the mouth
  • Brown or yellowish vaginal discharge

3.3. Another Chlamydia STD:

  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Rectal discharge
  • Fertility Questions
  • Brown vaginal discharge

3.4. The symptoms of cervical cancer:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal pain
  • Brown vaginal discharge

3.5. Vulvovaginitis symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Urethral pain
  • Yellow discharge
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Brown vaginal discharge

3.6. Symptoms of menopause:

  • Depression
  • Urine odor
  • Burning sensation in the mouth
  • Clammy
  • Brown vaginal discharge

All the above conditions to make a spectacle of brown vaginal discharge. It important for a vaginal examination to be made by the family doctor to see if one of these, the possible cause, we must treat and cure. When genital warts are the problem, seek treatment immediately.

To find the warts in the genital area and are caused by a viral disease of the skin. Are a type of sexually transmitted diseases. They are also known as penile warts, warts and venereal diseases. If you’ve got a sexually transmitted disease, it makes you a dirty person, the disease is so dirty, but not. The infection is spread by sexual contact, so that when your first sexual intercourse, the more you Pitch infected as dirty.

3.7. Human Papillomavirus (HPV):

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is considered responsible for genital warts. Places to see where common genital warts appear on the penis, vulva, urethra, vagina, cervix and rectum, almost all located in the genital area. Show warts on the genitals to be removed, flesh-colored lesions, which occur singly or in groups. Warts that resemble a cauliflower is done, because more time was requested that the treatment is too late to grow so that the risk of warts, and dissemination.

The vagina and cervix are common, the virus infects the most common. Warts can be found here flat and very difficult to recognize. It is important to consult your doctor about what viruses can cause cancer and precancerous changes of the cervix are looking for. Regular Pap tests are important because to be regularly used on other anomalies of the vagina.

When two conditions are combined together, such as HPV and herpes UPS so the chances of early diagnosis of cancer of the cervix. Not all people warts, because they follow the golden rules they face to an infection. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening, they are capable.

a) There are at high risk for genital warts if:

  • Have many sexual partners
  • Not knowing if your partner is already infected
  • Sexually active at a young age
  • If you drink or smoke

b) Stress:

I drag myself every time I come to the issue of children but you know when a child has genital warts, then you have the alarm bells ringing in your ears, and one must be careful that no sexual abuse β€˜is not a possible cause. This will protect the child.

c) Sometimes with genital warts are often asymptomatic, but if it’s for you or you will learn:

  • Vaginal bleeding after sex
  • An increase in moisture and humidity in the region growing
  • In the area of itching in the genital area
  • Most of the production

Genital warts, as with most infections will not go away, go without medical care. Any brand of washing or antiseptic cream that won `t work. The time you waste, the use of unnecessary products like putting your health at greater risk. Special MST may be left without drugs have serious immediate consequences. In some cases, death is unknown. Genital warts should be treated by a medical expert.

Out surgical treatments are cryosurgery, electrocautery, laser therapy, or cutting. Genital warts don `t always show for months or years after sexual activity with an infected person. Boards of force against the threat of hold on by contact with sexually transmitted diseases is to wear a condom. This means that by the good advice, but that the male condom / female does not protect completely, but you can still be worn.

Sometimes brown vaginal discharge, a discharge is usually brown is a sample of blood, but of course, must be determined by your doctor. If there is bleeding, and it is easy, you can change the color again, lapsed for lack of time. More must comply may amount to red to brown or black in the process. The problem of bleeding in May by many things, infections and erosions (first patch on the neck).

If you just start taking the pill and perhaps showing a brown vaginal discharge after the last period are then created, you can verify this because it could be a pill-related effects. Also, it may be what is known as the erosion of the cervix – a small sore point on the neck, but again, this situation creates for the physician.

Never leave anything to chance, because it increases the likelihood of a worsening of his condition.

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4. Brown Vaginal Discharge Treatment:

Effective treatments can be prescription and visit to a doctor, medication, surgery, dietary supplements, a pap smear and other medical testing can be carried out by th doctor of vaginal health clinic.

What I will say is try not to worry, assess the color, smell and consistency of the brown vaginal discharge to try to determine the cause. There are good treatments available for all vaginal health complaints and if you take the right steps you will quickly be on the road to a healthy vagina.

5. Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies:

Success bacterial vaginosis remedies are very often the β€œnatural”, variety, and this is mainly due to the nature of the disease. Caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that is what is needed to get this under control. Since the vaginal also β€œgood” and β€œpoor” bacteria, antibiotics and other bacterial vaginosis similar way to kill all bacteria, including the good.

The β€œgood” bacteria normally keep the β€œwrong” bacteria in check. If this had been killed, this means that if the antibiotics are finished, is not the right time to prevent future infections before the bacteria can contribute to new growth may take some time to have. see exactly why, after taking antibiotics, those concerned that the infection came back with a vengeance, because he is no natural defenses.

Any woman can develop bacterial vaginosis. Although it is sometimes regarded as the leading cause sex is not the case. For women who are not, and never develop sexually active bacterial vaginosis.

5.1. Avoid wearing tight clothing:

It been shown that bacteria thrive in moist, hot conditions. When women wear tight clothing that traps moisture, form an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and is a major cause. Bacterial vaginosis natural resources must be dressed, pants for air flow, such as underwear and cotton stockings and avoid tight as possible.

5.2. Using antibiotics:

Another natural remedy is to set the number of antibiotics to limit or even avoid them whenever possible. Even if you take for other conditions, it can kill β€œgood” bacteria in the vagina, so the bad bacteria to grow after treatment was completed. In most cases of infection not only bacterial vaginosis, it must strengthen the immune system, of course, natural remedies, as far as possible, because it allows the body.

5.3. Avoid douching:

If you are susceptible to bacterial vaginosis, it is also advisable to avoid, douches, especially scented products, because they often contain chemicals that can kill the good bacteria. Least disrupt the natural balance.

If you suffer from this condition at the moment there are a number of bacterial vaginosis means that you can use immediately. To be effective, the pH (acid / alkaline) balance of the vagina should be restored, allowing the good bacteria to fight against evil.

You could live to eat natural yogurt contains β€œgood begin” bacteria. Also, you should see the amount of sugar, how to eat to promote β€œbad” the bacteria develop.

5.4. Other remedies:

Other bacterial vaginosis remedies include an examination of the bacterium with the use of vinegar, or directly to the vaginal area or potable water to dilute the ratio of 2 parts vinegar to 6 parts water, three times a day. An amount would be useful for a glass of Oz (8) each time. Tea tree oil has a good reputation, which is useful for this condition. It should also be diluted when used directly on the vagina, because it can sting and burn.

Although many women find this embarrassing situation is very common and affects millions of women around the world every year. Bacterial vaginosis natural resources are certainly the best solution, and with them, the condition quickly eradicated.

6. How To Live Naturally and Free From Brown Vaginal Discharge?

Nothing in the world is constantly changing. If there has been some changes in the body, but is not always a major event. Take, for example, a change in abnormal vaginal secretions. If the light rain as usual, while a woman is the time of ovulation through a thick, brown is replaced, then you are pretty sure that something went wrong. The situation is even worse because of brown vaginal discharge that is brown is usually a bad odor or fish that goes with it.

Not surprisingly, women, paranoia, this problem will end, that smell and stay away from people to live as possible. The situation could be worse if you have a sexual partner, because the intimacy between doomed to failure. So what’s a woman do in this situation? The answer is not about the symptoms one by one, from prescription drugs. The use of slip, vaginal sprays, deodorants or strong can not prove the condition that this risk can not be worse.

a) Read other signs and unusual symptoms:

The Real Deal and then take the problem and because they have lost is brown vaginal discharge, is first of all. The first thing to do is read other signs and unusual symptoms. If you feel an itching and burning sensation in the vagina, then watch more. Chronic skin rashes, stomach pains, headache, skin diseases, diseases of the urinary tract, painful sex, vaginal bleeding and swelling may also evident.

Surely, something is wrong with the body, because all these symptoms of yeast infection. A yeast infection in the vaginal is an outbreak of yeast that causes an imbalance of normal flora of the genital area. The genital brown vaginal discharge is really just a sign of infection, but it could be something to normalize, along with many other indicators.

b) Natural remedy for vaginal infections:

There is only a fair and fruitful only if it is the use of synthetic drugs. A natural remedy for vaginal infections may be at the heart of the problem immediately, without having to live with side effects. If the disease is a consequence of changes in the vagina, which is to change the agency made in the first place? The body needs a healthy diet that is humanly possible. This means eating lots of herbs, fruits, cereals, legumes, seeds, nuts, etc.

Tons of water is also available in each meal and activities, including breaks. Meanwhile, through changes in eating habits, most people who consume large quantities of cheese, sugar, biscuits, chocolate and dairy products. Meanwhile, the sugar water, carbonated beverages, alcohol and artificial flavored beverages will be replaced.

In this sense, the normalization of acid region in the vaginal go back to the basics of nutrition food. Otherwise, all the undesirable yeast these foods and food products continue to proliferate. So if you want to get rid of these brown vaginal discharge embarrassing, of course, it goes with the infection, and continue this diet.

The fact that antibiotics can reduce symptoms and the regulations is unquestionable, but is not permanent. In pain and anguish that the loss of yeast infections cause, you must kill the problem at its root, with which you play an effective and sustainable treatment of yeast to keep your brown disposal problems.

7. Disclaimer:

Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. for any query or personal consultation according to your health condition, please contact your doctor. So your options are basically to go to the doctor and get drugs and creams or check out the website page to do it the natural way without having to have that embarrassing conversation with your doctor.

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