The 8 Best Tips To Improve Digestion Process Naturally

In recent times digestion problem has become serious. Mostly people want to improve their digestion process. If you are also looking for the answer of how to improve digestion, then here we are going to provide you some tips to do so.

At first, let’s understand what is the definition of digestion?

Digestion definition and process:

We can define digestion as the process of body to convert food into its smallest component, so that it can be utilized by cells of the body. When a body is not able to do it completely, it creates problems.

Human digestive system involves gastro intestinal track and accessory organs of digestion like liver, pancreas. The process starts from stomach and continue in intestine. Different parts of gastro intestinal track are responsible for digestion of different components of food.

A bad digestive system is the root cause of various other health problems such as Acid reflux, constipation, piles, fistula, gastric ulcer, hepatomegaly (Liver Inflammation) etc. Imbalance in digestion process once in a while does not require much attention. But chronic problem of it requires full examination and check-ups.

Now the question arises how to improve digestion process?

So here are simple 8 tips to how to improve digestion:

1.      Eat Real, Avoid Junk Food: 

Eating junk food frequently is associated with digestive problems. Food additives like sugar, salt and other chemicals are also linked with gut inflammation. Low fat calories, sugar free biscuits and cookies are also not completely safe and healthy. Various studies support that having diet of whole food and less amount of processed food is good for gut.

2.      Drink good amount of water-

Less amount of water in body causes dehydration in gut that leads to the dryness in intestine. Dry intestine is directly connected with constipation and difficulty in defecation. Doctors recommend consuming at least 1.5 to 2 litters of water every day. Water not only hydrates intestine but also increases digestion process. Herbal tea and other non-caffeinated drinks can also be added. Vegetables and fruits which have plenty of water like watermelon, pineapple, orange, cucumber etc. can also be added into diet to improve digestion of food.

3.      Eat fibre rich diet: 

There are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre is found in nuts, oats, seeds, legumes and others. This helps to absorb water and provides mass to stool. Whereas insoluble fibre found in vegetable and fruits which is important for cleaning the gut. Probiotics are also fibres which help to improve immunity.  High fibre diet also prevents various other problems like hyperacidity, ulcers, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

4.      Limit fat in your diet:

Body requires more energy to digest fat. Although fat is required for normal metabolism but taking high amount of oils and fat can cause various stomach problems. 2-3 table spoon oil is sufficient for normal metabolism of body. So it is good to avoid oily food as much as possible.

5.      Eat in a schedule:

Eating in schedule helps to maintain the body clock healthy. Take your meal and snacks on same time regularly. Also, divide your diet to 3 full and 2 or 3 mini meals or snack time.

6.      Quit bad habits:

We all know that alcohol and smoking are injuries to health. It is also written on every packet of liquor and cigarette. Bad habits like chewing tobacco, smoking and alcohol, interfere with digestion process and thus leads to a bad digestive system.

7.      Do regular exercise:

Regular exercise increases blood circulation and releases all negative energy. It also increases peristaltic movement of intestine. Exercise also maintains a good weight, which is good for healthy gut. So do exercise regularly or at least 4 times in a week.

8.      Manage stress:

Too much anxiety interferes with digestive system so find some way to deal with stress. For this, You can try some of your hobbies like painting, cooking, gardening etc. Also, make regular schedules for yoga, exercise and meditation.


Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. For any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us.

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