๐Ÿ’– White Vaginal Discharge: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

White Vaginal Discharge: Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

White vaginal discharge, medically known as leukorrhea, is “yellowish whitish discharge from female genital”. Almost all females around the world suffer from it in some period of their life. Leukorrhea causes physical and mental disturbance in females. Foul smell with leukorrhea also interferes in the sexual life of females and indirectly promotes mental tension and irritation in families.

White Vaginal Discharge

White vaginal discharge can be a scary sight. Having a clear discharge from time to time is normal, as the vagina needs to lubricate itself and keep itself clean. Although there are some natural reasons to have white vaginal discharge, it most likely indicates that you have a yeast infection. You can get a feel for how bad the infection is by examining the discharge.

If itโ€™s somewhat white, itโ€™s probably on the less severe side of things. However, if the stuff coming out is thick and white like cottage cheese, your yeast infection is a pretty serious one. Itโ€™s also possible for it to have blue specks in the yeast.

1. What Is White Vaginal Discharge?

The vagina contains the perfect amount of healthy bacteria and fungus, which maintain vaginal ph to a slightly acidic level. Vaginal discharge is the cleaning process of the vagina to get rid of dead bacteria, cells, and dirt. The quantity and consistency of this discharge can vary depending upon the menstruation cycle, emotional status, and age. It can also vary from female to female.

Ok so in this post Iโ€™m going to share with you everything I know about white vaginal discharge. So should you really be worrying if you have a white vaginal discharge or is it completely normal? Well as we all know all women will have some sort of vaginal discharge and in fact this discharge is essential in keeping the vagina clean and removing unwanted bacteria and dead cells.

There are two things to note about a white vaginal discharge.

  1. It could be a yeast infection.
  2. It can be completely normal.

And it really isnโ€™t that difficult to work out which is which. If you are unlucky enough to have a yeast infection the white vaginal discharge will be very thick almost cottage cheese like, it may have a musty smell and usually you will have some associated itching along with the discharge. Every womenโ€™s vagina will have a certain amount of yeast fungus but if it is allowed to grow an there becomes too much of it a yeast infection will be experienced.

There are various reasons the yeast fungus develops from staying hot and sweaty for a long time or continuously, being pregnant, having diabetes. Some women will experience repeated yeast infections for no apparent reason at all. One thing to be assured you does not get a yeast infection from a sexual partner.

1.1. Yeast Infection:

If you do have a yeast infection thereโ€™s no need to worry treatment is usually quick painless taking oral tablets and inserting medication directly in to the vagina. You can insert cream or a tablet via an applicator normally at bedtime for it to work through the night. The treatment usually lasts between 3 and 7 days and you can get over the counter varieties or prescription.

1.2. Normal White Vaginal Discharge:

A normal white vaginal discharge will be a cloudy white color if not clear but when dried on clothing it will become yellowish, it will normally be thin and stringy in consistency. There are many things that will effect the vaginal discharge and its color and consistency including sexual arousal (Iโ€™m sure you would be aware of this), unwanted stress or emotional changes, pregnancy, your diet (the food you eat) and medication. Basically anything you put in to your body will have an effect on what comes out of it in the way of vaginal discharge.

Including menstrual cycle, emotional stressors, nutritional status, pregnancy, usage of medications โ€“ including birth control pills, and sexual arousal.

Itโ€™s easy to get confused with your vaginal discharge and start to worry. Nobody will know your own body like you do. Try and be aware of your discharge so it is easy to spot when things change. What ever causes your white vaginal discharge donโ€™t worry.

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2. Types Of White Vaginal Discharge:

infographic White Vaginal Discharge

2.1. White Discharge Before Period:

Lack of female hormones and shading of the uterine wall (endometrium) produce irritation and discomfort in the lower abdomen and groin region. In response to this, the body produces an excessive secretion from the vaginal gland.

2.2. White Discharge After A Period:

After a period uterine cavity is clean and empty, level of female hormones gradually increases. Due to this, the blood supply in the uterus and vagina increases. This period is known as the proliferative phase. During this time, there is excessive growth of membrane in all organs of the reproductive tract.

2.3. White Discharge During Sex:

During sexual intercourse, adrenaline hormones in the blood increase. It stimulates blood supply to the female reproductive system. Thus in response to adrenaline hormones, the Bartholin gland of the vagina releases an excessive amount of watery discharge. This discharge washes out all the dirt and pathogens from the vagina and neutralizes vaginal ph to maintain the highest amount of mobility for sperm. This discharge during sex helps in the mobility and fertility of sperms.

2.4. White Discharge After Sex:

Adrenaline hormones are responsible for white discharge after sex. Sperm is active in the vagina for 1-2 hours after sex. In this duration, white discharge after sex maintains vaginal ph to neutral.

2.5. Pregnancy White Discharge:

This discharge is also common, and almost every pregnant female experiences it. The reason behind pregnancy leukorrhea is the increased level of female hormones and increased blood supply in the female reproductive system. In pregnancy, there is hypertrophy of cells which is also an important factor for white discharge during pregnancy. This is also an early sign of pregnancy.

2.5.1 A Sign:

Whenever a woman will be getting pregnant, it is for sure that her body will also undergo some change because of the fact that, these are also just normal when you are pregnant. One of the first changes that may occur is the vaginal discharge and this is also known as a leucorrhea, wherein it is a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy as well as thin and resembles with white of a raw egg.

If you have seen this one, you must have to calm yourself because having a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is just normal and not alarming. Other than that, we all know already that a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is the normal one and other color than this, is said to be abnormal.

2.5.2. Is White Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Normal?

There are many experts who are saying that having a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is just normal for the women and otherwise. As long as the discharge is a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy and it is also clear and doesnโ€™t have any odor, then you can still be sure that it is safe. You will just be alarm if you can see any color in your panty aside from having a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

Moreover, there are actually many things that you must have to know regarding with the normal vaginal discharge so that you will also not be panic if you have noticed some.

2.5.3. An Increase Of Estrogen Hormone Level:

It is just quite normal having an amount of a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy to be more than because of the fact that, there is also an increase in the levels of an estrogen and the flow of the blood is also getting higher to the vaginal area.

They say that a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is also consists of a cervical as well as vaginal secretions and a normal bacteria flora from the vagina as well as an old cells from the wall of the vagina. As the pregnancy will continue, the amount of the white vaginal discharge during pregnancy will also increase because of the estrogen hormone that is also increasing.

2.5.4. Doesnโ€™t Have Any Foul Smell:

There are many people who are saying that a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is just a normal change for pregnancy as the labor approaches and that it also indicates a healthy sign. Other than a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy, if ever you have noticed some color that is not good to see and not good to smell as well, then you have to rush immediately to your doctor because f the fact that, this is no longer normal and that it also indicate an unhealthy lifestyle that you must have also to pay attention with.

We all know that only a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal and healthy and that you have to make sure that you can only see the white one.

2.6. Pathogenic Leukorrhea:

The vagina is very prone to infection due to its position between the anal canal and urethra. From these two, the microorganism can easily travel to the vagina.

White vaginal discharge due to infection produce symptoms like.

  • Foul smell leukorrhea
  • Smell in discharge
  • Itching in vagina and vulva
  • Pain in urination
  • Backache
  • Pain during sex
  • Pain after sex
  • Burning Sensation in the vaginal area
  • Pain in vagina
  • Mild fever
  • Yellow discharge
  • Green discharge
  • Milky white discharge
  • Brown discharge
  • Staining of undergarment

2.7. White Discharge In Urine:

White discharge in urine is different from leukorrhea. It is due to bacterial infection in the urinary tract. In females, due to the small length of the urethra, infection can easily travel to the vagina, thus produces symptoms of urinary tract and leucorrhoea simultaneously.

2.8. White Discharge In Male Urine:

White discharge in males is entirely different from females. It is due to bacterial infection of the urinary tract.

2.9. Thick Cream White Vaginal Discharge:

Yeast infections are very common, yet irritating, problems. Though they can occur in men, they are most common among women. Yeast infections are caused by a type of bacteria known as candida. They usually can be treated fairly easily, but it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. Learning the symptoms of a yeast infection can make it easier for you to diagnose one and begin treatment right away.

Thick Cream White Vaginal Discharge

One of the most common signs of a yeast infection is itching. This symptoms normally becomes present before any other symptoms, and it can be very annoying. Scratching an itch caused by a yeast infection does not help, and instead, it makes the irritation worse. Scratching can also cause the infection to spread. Burning is another uncomfortable sign of a yeast infection.

The burning may be mild or it may be more severe depending upon the severity of the infection and whether or not the skin in in area is irritated. A thick white vaginal discharge is another sign of a yeast infection. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, there is a good chance that you are suffering from a yeast infection, and you should begin treatment immediately.

2.10. Milky White Vaginal Discharge In Pregnancy:

If this is your first pregnancy, you are probably excited and a little overwhelmed with all the “good” advice that you are receiving from family and friends. You will notice that everyone has a pregnancy story to tell and they automatically assume you want to hear it. But hang in there, it will get better.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your baby is to get your hands on some great pregnancy and childbirth books. These will answer all the questions you may have about what is happening in your body.

Your body is changing and getting ready for a new little guest. Hormones are rushing to the uterus and vagina. Blood flow has increased and you are now noticing that your underwear may feel wet all the time. This is because when you become pregnant, you will experience an increase in vaginal discharge. This discharge will most likely be thin and clear or milky looking. Milky white vaginal discharge is no cause for alarm and is normal in a lot of women.

However, if you start having thick, cottage cheese looking discharge or discharge that is green, yellow, grey, and has a bad smell, you need to see your doctor right away. This could be a sign of an infection that needs to be treated.

It is important that you do not try to stop the milky white discharge. This is simply your bodyโ€™s way of keeping things clean. You may feel uncomfortable and itโ€™s okay to wear a panty liner to soak up the discharge. But never wear a tampon because you can introduce bacteria into the vagina with a tampon.

Milky White Vaginal Discharge

You should also never douche while pregnant. There are two good reasons for this. First, the body is using the discharge to expel dead cells and keep the vagina clean. When you douche, you upset the normal PH of the vagina. This can make you susceptible to infections. Second, if you do have an infection and you douche, you can push the infection farther up into the uterus and possibly infect your baby.

Good hygiene is a must while pregnant. Shower daily and dry yourself off thoroughly. You should always wear cotton panties to allow air flow around your vagina. Keeping this area clean and dry will go a long way in preventing yeast infections.

Avoid tight clothing and do not use feminine sprays or deodorants. If you feel like you are getting a yeast infection, you should start eating yogurt everyday. This will help to restore some of the normal flora in your body and help you fight off the yeast infection.

So as you can see, milky white vaginal discharge in pregnancy is no bid deal. But you should always be in tune with your body and report any changes in vaginal discharges to your doctor.

3. Causes Of White Discharge:

  • The increased amount of female hormones (estrogen mainly, progesterone) in blood.
  • Increased blood supply to the vagina and cervix.
  • Emotional stimulation.
  • Pathogens (bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis candidiasis, sexually transmitted disease, etc.)
  • Other diseases like uterine fibroid, uterine polyp, ovarian cyst etc.

4. Diagnosis Of Leukorrhea:

White vaginal discharge is only a symptom of underlying disease. For diagnosis of underlying disease, clinical examination and the pathological investigation is must.

  • Vaginal Swab
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Pelvic ultrasound (USG)
  • Pap Smear

5. White Vaginal Discharge Treatment:

Physiological white discharge is not a disease so does not require any treatment. white vaginal discharge with symptoms like itching and pain need a clinical checkup. Leucorrhoea is not a medical emergency but treating it earlier can prevent major health issues in future.

  • Antibiotic in white vaginal discharge: According to laboratory test and sensitivity, physician will advise the course of antibiotics.
  • Anti-fungal: Oral anti-fungal and vaginal anti-fungal both are available. even combination therapy of both is also effective.
  • Vaginal Alkalizer: To neutralized vaginal ph.
  • Painkillers.

There are a number of different prescription and over-the-counter treatments for yeast infections. If you have never had one before, it is a good idea to see your doctor to make sure the discomfort you are experiencing is actually being caused by the candida bacterium. Your doctor will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnose and prescribe or recommend the best course of action. There are also several natural treatment options for yeast infections. Many people advise applying plain yogurt to the area to clear the infection.

No matter what treatment option you choose, it is important to address yeast infection promptly. When left untreated, they can lead to more severe infections, and they may make you more likely to develop a secondary infection. If you are using an over-the-counter yeast infection treatment and your symptoms are not subsiding, you may want to see your doctor to rule out another type of infection or illness.

6. Home Remedy For White Vaginal Discharge:

  • Drinking honey with Luke warm water is beneficial for the female reproductive system.
  • Do wear 100% cotton made undergarment.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain vaginal ph.
  • Always wash genital from front to back.
  • Maintain good hygiene during menstruation.
  • Enjoy safe sex only.
  • Apply genital soap or specific vaginal wash.

7. Disclaimer:

Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. for any query or personal consultation according to your health condition, please contact your doctor.

So your options are basically to go to the doctor and get drugs and creams or check out the website page to do it the natural way without having to have that embarrassing conversation with your doctor. Obviously, most health conditions do require seeing a doctor, but since this one is mainly just uncomfortable and not life-threatening, itโ€™s something you can do by yourself if youโ€™d prefer.

8. Conclusion:

White discharge in women can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. When thick milky substances are coming out of the vagina that have the consistency of cottage cheese, itโ€™s very likely you have a yeast infection. Donโ€™t worry, over 50% of women have yeast infections at some point in life, so itโ€™s an extremely common thing to see happen. Besides the white discharge in women, there are some other symptoms that suggest yeast infection. Itchiness is a big one.

If you canโ€™t walk without having to itch down there, not only is it embarrassing, but itโ€™s a cause for concern. Also your white discharge will probably have a yeasty smell to it. Think of foods that are made with yeast (bread, etc.) if youโ€™re not sure what smell to look out for. Also this shouldnโ€™t affect your menstruation in any way. If it does, you might have something besides a yeast infection.

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