๐Ÿ’– Smelly Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Smelly Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Smelly vaginal discharge can wreak havoc on any womanโ€™s life. If you have been dealing with this problem, you are not alone because this is a common problem that women deal with, especially during the fertile years of their life. The fishy-smelling vaginal odor can make any woman lack self-confidence and avoid relationships involving โ€œgetting up close and personalโ€ with a guy. If you are a woman dealing with this problem, you are probably searching for a cure.

Smelly Vaginal Discharge

There is always a reason behind smelly vaginal discharge. In most cases, the cause behind it is bacterial vaginosis. If you have a smelly vaginal discharge that has a slightly fishy odor, then this is likely the case. If you do not treat it, it could lead to infertility and inflammatory disease in the pelvic region. With those thoughts in mind, you need to seek treatment if you are dealing with this condition. You are in luck because there are some techniques you can use to get rid of this problem. By treating it, you will restore the balance in the vagina and get things back to normal.

This is excellent news if you are a long-term sufferer! So, ladies, it is time for you to read what we have to tell you below and learn how to get rid of this problem that has taken over your personal life for some time now.

1. Causes of smelly vaginal discharge:

1.1. Why does my vagina smell?

This is a question that almost every 1 out 3 women asks their doctor. We know it can be an embarrassing situation when you go talk to your gynecologist about, but nonetheless, you will have to address the problem before it gets out of hand.

However, the thing that needs to be remembered when you address a question about vagina smell, you should keep in mind that not everyoneโ€™s body is the same. We all have different DNA and our cells are also constructed in different ways and it contains different content.

The main factor here is that everyone has a different chemistry to their body. It is not important that if one is experiencing a problem at a specific time that you too will experience the same problem when you are in a similar situation.

Therefore, these goes on to say that, every woman will have her own exclusive smell and the question why does my vagina smell remains specific to every individual person. If you are asking yourself for it, then you have to understand that it can range from a sweet scent all the way to something that smells musky?

infographic Smelly Vaginal Discharge

1) Vaginal infections:

Let us get back to the matter at hand and that is answering the question: why does my vagina smell. There are two possibilities here. The first one that we will discuss here is a yeast infection. Yeast is somewhat of a fungus that is called Candida.

This is found on the skin of humans and in places where moisture exists like, the vagina and the mouth. So here is one reply to vagina smell. It has been estimated that approximately 20 to 50% of women that are categorized as being healthy carry around yeast in their vaginal area. This brings us on to vaginitis. This is a condition when the vagina is hit with inflammation.

2) Having unprotected sex:

According to reports on vagina smell, about 75% of women are hit with vaginitis at some point during their lives. This condition usually further causes a number of other conditions like gonorrhea. This is one of the problems that will help us to address our concern: why does my vagina smell.

3) Changing sex partners:

Now there are various ways that a woman can be hit by Bacterial Vaginosis but they still do not realize it. One of the most common ways to answer why does my vagina smells by changing sex partners. Changing your sexual partners too frequently does not suit everyone because you usually are not aware if any one of the people you slept with was suffering from such a disease.

4) Douching:

Another common way to get hit by this infection is by douching. Now you are probably wondering how this is related to the concern of why does my vagina smell. Specialists do not recommend douching as it does more damage to a vagina than it helps as it removes the good bacteria and fluids.

Our natural tendency is to wash if we have anybody odor. However, as far as the bad-smelling vaginal discharge is concerned, you may well be doing the worst possible thing! Overwashing can upset the delicate lubricants within the vagina, causing an imbalance in the pH levels. This triggers off a reaction in which harmful bacteria can grow and cause a smelly vaginal discharge. The advice is to wash no more than twice daily and only use unperfumed products as these are less likely to irritate. For the same reasons, you should also avoid douching.

5) Drugs and antibiotics:

Another thing that need attention is the use of antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics kill dangerous and also important bacteria inside the vaginaโ€™s environment indiscriminately, thus eliminate the problems rapidly and effectively in just 2-3 days.

6) Dangerous bacteria:

The dangerous bacteriaโ€™s rate on re-population is really a lot greater than the actual beneficial bacteriaโ€™s. Itโ€™s the explanation how come more than 70% of girls in cases like this will experience another episode in just 2 or 3 weeks.

7) pH level:

The pH level of the vagina can be upset by semen. A healthy vagina should have a slightly acidic pH level, whereas sperm is alkaline. Sometimes, this can be enough to tip the level sufficiently to cause that dreaded imbalance, thus sparking another episode of smelly vaginal discharge. If you think this applies to you, use condoms until the condition settles.

8) Wearing underwear that is too tight:

Think about your underwear. Although we all love pretty, silky panties, those made with synthetic fabrics can trap warmth and moisture, which creates the perfect conditions for bacterial growth. Therefore, if you want to know how to get rid of a bad-smelling vaginal discharge, you should stick to natural fabrics like cotton.

9) Other causes:

  • Smoking
  • Hormonal changes

Very often, a bad-smelling vaginal discharge is caused by a prevalent condition called bacterial vaginosis. If your smelly vaginal discharge is watery and gray or white in color with a fishy odor, this is highly likely. It would help if you did not leave BV untreated as it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or even infertility.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to cure. The best way to do this is to use a multifaceted approach that quickly eliminates the symptoms and the underlying causes, ensuring that it goes away for good!

2. Symptoms of smelly vaginal discharge:

Each woman has some vaginal discharge, which is usually considered normal. What women do not call โ€œnormalโ€ would be the thick, smelly vaginal discharge. Over some time, you will be able to determine what is expected and what is not normal.

Abnormal smelly vaginal discharge in a woman tends to happen during the menstrual cycle when a woman is involved in sexual activity or breastfeeding. Smelly vaginal discharge is a sign that a woman has a bacterial infection that is known as vaginosis.

Vaginosis happens when there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. There may be an odor, and the fluid may be whitish-grey in color.

Most women that is, about 85% of women who are affected by this infection, do not actually have any distinguished symptoms.

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3. Remedies you can use to get rid of smelly vaginal discharge:

While many over-the-counter medications can help the smelly vaginal discharge, there are many safe, natural remedies you can use. Some women believe natural remedies are the best because they are not using chemicals to treat their problems.

Foul-smelling vaginal discharge is an embarrassing problem all-around. Bad for you and bad for those whose company you keep, be it work colleagues, family members, or your children. Smelly vaginal discharge can have a surprisingly pungent smell and quickly permeates layers of clothes, and sometimes it feels like all you ever do is get trapped in an endless cycle of washing yourself.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies for bad-smelling vaginal discharge which can get you feeling fresh again. If the condition is relatively new, then these might be all that is needed to clear the problem up for good.

If you would like to know how to get rid of a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, you will be relieved to know that you can take several simple steps right now, which will get you back on the road to freshness. You are most certainly not on your own here, with over half of all women of reproductive age having a foul vaginal odor at some point.

3.1 Panty Liners:

Some women choose to wear panty liners that are not perfumed. The panty liners help them deal with the smelly vaginal discharge, and they like the fact that they do not have to obtain a prescription from the doctor to buy them. You can purchase panty liners in most department stores. The panty liners are designed to mask the odor and absorb the smelly vaginal discharge.

3.2. Cotton Panties

If you have not already done so, you should start wearing cotton panties. The cotton panties will help control the smelly vaginal discharge. When a woman wears panties made from synthetic fibers, it will cause them to swear more, resulting in an odor. Cotton will allow the vagina to breathe, not to mention the fact that it absorbs well.

We all love wearing frilly silky panties, but I ditched mine when I had a smelly vaginal discharge. Cotton fabric indeed rules as this allows for air to circulate. Synthetic fabrics trap moisture and warmth, creating perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. Also, use only mild detergents to wash your panties as harsh products can irritate some women, thus causing more discharge.

3.3. Wash:

Simply using water, wash your vagina two to three times a day when you have smelly vaginal discharge. You should never use products that are performed because it could worsen the infection and cause irritation.

If you want some relief, you should follow the remedies we just gave you for smelly vaginal discharge. Even after the infection leaves your body, it would be a good idea to continue using some of the remedies to keep the infection from coming back.

Although tempting to do so, do not wash too much. Overwashing will deplete the vagina of its naturally protective lubricants, causing the growth of bacteria. This can cause a smelly vaginal discharge or make an existing problem worse. The best practice is to wash no more than twice a day using a mild, fragrance-free soap. I used to carry a small pack of wet baby wipes to freshen up between when the discharge was copious.

3.4 Safe sex:

If you are in a new relationship, use condoms. Sometimes the semen of a new partner can shift the pH level of the vagina from mildly acidic (healthy) to alkaline, which causes bacterial growth. This can result in a smell vaginal discharge.

This condition is often caused by a general overgrowth of bacteria and is known as bacterial vaginosis. This is especially likely if the smelly vaginal discharge is slightly fishy in nature and has a watery consistency. It may also be tinged in white or gray.

Fortunately, there is a fast way to treat the underlying cause of bacterial vaginosis, giving immediate relief and completely eradicating the problem in just 3 days. By treating BV naturally, you can quickly restore balance in the vagina and get back to normal within no time, even if you are a long-term sufferer.

3.5. Eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis:

So, the things you need is a plan that can allow you to remove the Bacterial Vaginosis infection without risk as well as naturally while also fixing balance to your vaginal area and also entire body along with building up the immune arrangement.

You can consider a really great product or opportunity which will assist you to obtain a much better knowledge of BV as well as educate yourself easy methods to get rid of even a worst cases of the Bacterial vaginosis infection!

This treatment plan doesnโ€™t just get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis, it will also significantly increase your entire wellness in general. You can acquire all you wish to understand to eliminate Bacterial vaginosis rapidly, effortlessly and inexpensively.

4. FAQs:

1. Why do I still have problems with my vagina smell?

A yeast infection occurs when there is creation of new yeast in the vagina, even when there is already yeast present in the area. However, a yeast infection does not cause a foul vaginal smell. The other condition that will bring us closer to answering the question, why does my vagina smell, is talking about a sexually transmitted disease, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Out of the two, bacterial vaginosis the infection that causes an odor to be transmitted from the vagina. This is a vaginal condition that produces a smelly vaginal discharge, caused by the normal bacteria in the vagina to be overgrown.

2. What can you do to eliminate smelly vaginal discharge?

In the paragraphs above, we gave you some natural remedies that could help with this problem. However, that is not all you can do to get rid of it. Apart from those remedies, you could also use antibiotics. Some antibiotics are designed to get rid of these problems. Unfortunately, you will need to go to the doctor to get the prescription for this. Donโ€™t worry about what the doctor thinks because you are not the only woman with smelly vaginal discharge. Avoid Over Washing: Above, we told you to wash your vagina two to three times a day, but what we forgot to mention was that you should avoid over washing.

Yes, there is such thing as washing too much. The first thing a woman will want to do when she learns she has smelly vaginal discharge would be to wash it over and over with soap repeatedly. Over-washing is one of the worst things you could do. Why? Because it takes the natural lubricants from the vagina. Those natural lubricants are there to keep the vagina healthy. So, make sure you wash 2-3 times a day, but no more than that. Also, we know you will want to douche, but you should avoid it at all costs as it will only harm you. Smelly vaginal discharge is something that has plagued the love life of many women throughout the world.

This is something that can reoccur every couple of months (thatโ€™s scary). Many effective treatments are available. These treatments will help women take control over the odor that comes out of their bodies. It is essential that you choose a treatment method that will treat the problem and get rid of it for good. You see, medicines and other โ€œprovenโ€ therapies usually simply cure typically the symptoms of the harmful bacteria they donโ€™t get right to the root cause.

3. What is causing my vagina always cause a bad odor?

BV is one the culprits to cause this. It is not considered dangerous but it has many disturbing symptoms for the women. This is a widespread condition, which affects about 29% of women in the United States. A number around 16% was quoted to represent the number of pregnant women that are affected by the infection and 60% of women who have STDs will have Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

4. What happened to my vagina causing unpleasant odors?

Why does my vagina smell is one of most popularly asked questions searched online. This takes us closer to the problem at hand, a foul vagina smell. We mentioned above that females would have their own chemistry, hence, a different smell. This also influences the type of smell that comes from the vaginal area.

These odors can vary from a fishy vaginal odor to a foul vaginal smell to even a perfectly normal vagina smell, but still women ask why does my vagina smell? We have come across different experiences and stories that have changed what we thought it could be. Most people have complained about this happening even if the girl is clean and hygienic and takes care of herself down there. However, it still raises worries and suspicion that something might be wrong with the girl and she wonders with her vagina smell.

The person will hesitate to get further involved, being afraid to catch the same infection, if possible. Each one of these stories has given us something different to consider. It has been said that a fishy vaginal odor is considered a sign of an infection. This is something that people take very seriously, and we would recommend that you consult a gynecologist as soon as you can to resolve the mystery of why does my vagina smell. If you are too much concerned about this problem, you should seek all possible resources.

6. Disclaimer:

Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. for any query or personal consultation according to your health condition, please contact your doctor. So your options are basically to go to the doctor and get drugs and creams or check out the website page to do it the natural way without having to have that embarrassing conversation with your doctor.

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