Top 11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Grapes (Angoor)

Grapes are very known fruit all across the world. It is famous for its delicious taste and various type of easy uses. Botanically grape is a berry. Surprisingly, grape tree is not a tree; it is woody vine. Grape in Hindi is known as Angoor and in Ayurveda, it is known as Draksha. There are various types of grapes available such as green, red, black, purple etc. Raisin, which is widely used in the world as a dry fruit, is dried grape.

Are grapes good for you? Do you have a doubt? Then, let’s discuss about grapes nutrition.

Grapes nutrition facts:

  • Calories in Grapes-100 gm of green and red Grapes provide only 50 kcal.
  • It is rich in carbohydrate as 100 gm of Angoor contain 18 gm of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate in it is mainly in sugar form; also some are in dietary fibres.
  • They do not have much amount of fat and protein.
  • Angoor are rich source of vitamin. It contains almost all vitamins; mainly vitamin K and C. 100 gm of grape provides 14% of daily need of vitamin K and 25% of vitamin C.
  • They are rich in minerals too. It has calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese sodium zinc and others.
  • Grape contains good amount of anti-oxidants too. In various researches, angoor are found to have more number of antioxidants than compared to other fruits.

 Due to nutritional value of grapes we know that grapes are healthy. Now let’s discuss grapes benefits for health.

Grape is one of the most beneficial fruit. Moreover, all types of grapes have several medicinal properties and lots of health benefits.

Here are some health benefits of grapes:

grapes health benefits

1.      Fight against cancer:

In various researches, grape is found to be helpful in treatment of cancer. Resveratrol, one of the anti-oxidant of grape, is a key factor to fight against cancer. Other than resveratrol, they are rich in Quercentin, Anthocyanins and Catechins. All of these are helpful in treatment and prevention of cancer. Various studies show that grape extract blocks and decreases growth of breast tumour. It also shows positive effect in colon cancer. Exact reason and pharmacology is still not clear, but researches support that grape effectively protect from cancer and reduce growth of tumour and prevent of metastasis. Grape also shows positive effect on patient on chemotherapy.

2.      Beneficial in heart disease:

Grape is an ideal fruit for prevention of heart disease due to following reasons:

  • Rich in antioxidant, that’s why it decreases oxidative stress.
  • Rich in potassium and low in sodium which maintains effective cardiac movement.
  • High intake of potassium prevents heart stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Study done in 2015, shows evidence that angoor interfere with cholesterol absorption physiology. Eating 100 gm of them reduce bad Cholesterol.

3.      Grapes and diabetes:

There is ongoing discussion about grapes in diabetes. Are grapes good for diabetic person? Although grape has good amount of sugar, but glycaemic index of grape is very low. That means they have sugar but it does not cause sudden increase in blood sugar level. Other good news is, resveratrol found in grape shows two important health benefits in diabetic person. First, resveratrol increases insulin sensitivity of cells. Second, it increases number of glucose receptor on cells. These two functions of resveratrol overall decrease the blood sugar level. So the conclusion is, consumption of small and regular amount of grape, with control of other type of glucose, is good in diabetes.

4.      Grapes to boost immunity:

Vitamin C is one of the key factors for the immunity. Angoor are not only rich in vitamin C but also decrease oxidative stress of body. Various test tube studies show that extract of grape stop yeast, flu virus and chicken pox virus from spreading. It also prevents growth of bad bacteria in intestine. Consuming 100 of grape daily is a good habit for natural build-up of immunity.

5.      Osteoarthritis and grapes:

Angoor are good source of calcium and other minerals which are essential for maintaining good health of bone. It increases bone density.

6.      Slow aging process:

Grapes skin extract and resveratrol inhibit cells aging and promote longevity.

7.      Prevent from chronic disease:

Chronic inflammation due to accumulation of toxins is key factor for all chronic disease like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, and auto immunity disorders. Grape decreases oxidative stress and provides nourishment to cells.

8.      Improve digestion:

According to Ayurveda, Angoor are good in treatment of constipation and low appetite. It also improves digestion.

9.      Urinary tract infection:

Angoor are found to decrease growth of bad bacteria in urinary tract. It also has mild diuretic properties and works as a natural alkalizer. Thus, it releases infection and pathogen from urine.

10. Improve memory:

In study conducted on 111 healthy older adult shows that 250 mg of grape supplement per day has relatively good cognitive test result. In another study done on young people, drinking grape juice per day shows improvement in memory related skills. Also, in Ayurveda, grape is used as memory booster from 1000s of years.

11. Grapes for genital organs:

Grape is good for both sexes. In female, grape is good for regulating menstruation cycle. It also improves uterus muscle tone. Grape also helps in spermatogenesis in male thus good for treatment of low sperm count.

Some other fan fact about grapes:

1. Grapes in pregnancy:

Are grapes safe in pregnancy is a controversial discussion. Some doctors advise to consume them. Its anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins make it suitable for pregnancy. On the other hand, some researchers suggest that high amount of resveratrol may cause toxicity in expecting female. In Ayurveda, ancient literature suggests that grape fruit skin may cause some discomfort to pregnant female. After removing the skin, it is good in pregnancy.

2.      Grapes for dog:

Grapes and dried grapes both causes toxicity to dog. Some small breeds are more sensitive for grape poisoning. Although exact substance is not clear but it is very clear grape should not be in diet of dog.

3.      Grapes for cat:

There is not any research of poisoning in cat due to them but defiantly it is not a good diet for cat. So grape for dog and cat is not recommended.


Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. For any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us.

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