Get rid of Eye Stye: Causes, Treatment and 11 Home Remedies

Eye stye, also known as hordeolum, is an infectious inflammatory condition of oil glands of eyelids. It is a very common eye problem. There is a lump forms outside the eyelid. This lump looks like a pimple but it is very painful and has the collection of pus.

Each year, around 1 million people get affected with eye stye in India alone. It can happen in both eyelids at the same time.

Stye also happens inside the eyelid which is called internal hordeolum. It is more painful than outside hordeolum.

Eye Stye symptoms:

First symptom of stye is small yellowish pimple like appearance in eyelid which is full of pus. Other symptoms may present which are:

  • Redness in affected eyelid and eye.
  • Localized Pain.
  • Scratching sensation in eyelid.
  • Watery or mucus secretion from the corner of the eye.
  • Crust in affected eyelid.
  • Burning sensation in eye.
  • Droopiness of eyelid
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sensation of something in the eye.

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What causes a stye:

It is an infection caused by staphylococcus bacteria. The opening of oil gland named as Zeis gets clogged by this bacteria and dead skin which causes swelling of the gland.

Most of the people suffered from eye stye in some period of their life, but some are more prone to it and other eyelid infection. Here are some other causes:

  • Unhygienic cosmetic and eye makeup.
  • Extra application and prolonged application of eye products.
  • Unclean eyes are more prone for infection.
  • Poor nutrition and immune response.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Contact lenses
  • Rubbing of eyes.
  • Sharing face towels.

Is eye stye contagious?

Since it is a bacterial infection so spreads through touch. By touching or using infected towel or glasses a person may get affected with it.

How long does eye stye last?

In majority cases, it lasts for 3-4 days but as one subsides, other eyelash glands get infected. So generally symptoms of stye last for 1-2 week.

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Complications of eye stye:

In rare cases, it can cause complication. Contact immediately to the ophthalmologist if the following symptoms occur:

  • Swollen eye
  • The whole eye is red
  • Stye continue for more than 2 weeks
  • Fever is more than 100.5 F
  • Swollen lymph node in neck, behind ears and around eyes
  • Significant pain

Eye stye treatment:

It is not a medical emergency and usually resolves within couple of days.

Primary treatment of stye is the application of warm compression on affected eyelid. It will improve blood circulation and remove blockage of oil glands. Application of home remedies for eye stye is also popular and effected too.

For complicated and reoccur stye you may need medical treatment as antibiotic drop/ ointment / or oral intake.

  • Stye medicine:

Doctor may prescribe some medicine to relief from pain and tenderness.

  • Stye eye drop:

If it is not cured within 1-2 weeks, then antibiotic eye drop can be prescribed. Single-drug gentamycin eye drop or combination of antibiotic eye drop could be advised by the doctor. Ayurvedic eye drop like itone eye drop or Himalaya opthacare is also effective in stye. These ayurvedic eye drops also cure other eye diseases also.

  • Stye ointment:

Lots of combination of antibiotic ointment could be prescribed. Antibiotic ointments are better than antibiotic drop as they remain in eyes for long time.

Home remedies for stye:

1.      Warm compression:

Ayurveda and Allopathy both encourage warm compression on stye. It increases blood circulation and speeds up draining and healing process.

2.      Lukewarm water:

Wash your eyes with Luke warm water for 3-4 times in a day. This will ease tenderness and burning sensation.

3.      Amla:

Amla is an Indian herb which is very beneficial for stye treatment. Make decoction of amla and apply it as eye drop. Put 2 drops in each eye in every 4 hour.

4.      Holy Basil or Tulsi:

Put 2 drops of tulsi extract in each eye. It will remove infection and improve blood circulation.

5.      Honey:

Apply honey as ointment. Initially Honey causes burning sensation in eyes but it stimulates secretion from glands and removes clog in glands opening.

6.      Coriander seeds:

Make a tea-like liquid and wash eyes with it. Coriander works as a natural antibiotic. It removes the infection and soothes eye irritation and burning.

7.      Mothermilk / Breastmilk:

Breast milk is cold in nature. It is one of the ancient medicines used in Ayurveda. Putting 2 drops of breast milk in each eye in every 4 hours will ease the pain.

8.      Decoction and paste of trifla:

Trifla is an ayurvedic medicine. Decoction of trifla can work as eye drop in stye. Wash the eyelid with the decoction of trifla or apply thick paste of trifla on eyelid. It is the best and safest medicine for stye treatment.

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9.      Tea bags:

Dip a tea bag in hot water and place on the affected region. This will provide effect of hot water and tea both.

10.     Onion:

Onion is rich in sulfur and has antibiotic properties. Crush one onion and carefully apply the oozed juice on stye for 15 minutes then wash it with warm water.

11.     Garlic:

Garlic is known as an antibiotic for thousands of years. Apply oozed juice of it on stye and wash it with warm water after 15 minutes.


Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. For any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us

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