Arthritis: How to Fight and Cure with Natural Herbs and Oils

Arthritis really puts a damper on your day and disrupts your daily flow of activities that you normally enjoy doing because of the pain that follows when Arthritis acts up. Opting for some soothing essential oils and herbs comfort you of painful joints owing to Arthritis.

 Arthritis, the inflammation of your joints and the accompanying joint pain and stiffness, is increasingly common as one age. This is easily one of the diseases that is associated with age or elderly people. This is so because of the wear and tear of the bones and joints in elders who are above 50 years in age. Typically, various mineral and calcium deficiencies can also contribute to the lack of strength in the joints and bones of older people which only gets worse with age. There are various kinds of arthritis seen as people age. However the most common among them are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Also classified as the two main types of arthritis, they are known to damage joints in different ways.

With almost no regard to the kind of arthritis you suffer from, there is any number of natural remedies in the form of herbs and essential oils that can help you naturally combat arthritis. This non-man-made solution is a cost-effective way of providing a long-term solution to the long-standing health issue like arthritis. Apart from oils and herbs, there are other natural ingredients for fighting arthritis such as those ranging from foods to fragrant spices, teas to heat pads, or activities like washing dishes, or giving hot-cold treatments to joints, going for swimming, and not to forget the world-famous Green tea!

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The Multifarious Herbs & Oils to Treat Arthritis!

Applying these oils and herbs on a regular basis can help you overcome arthritis effortlessly and naturally. Some of the best natural remedies as well as the preparation methods where applicable are given not only for your reading pleasure but to apply and get relief from the chronic joint pain of arthritis as follows:

Have more of Green Tea

Green Tea has more flavonoids and antioxidants that offer protection against cell damage which further dampens due to joint pain conditions like arthritis. Research also highlights that it contains a chemical to fight inflammation resulting from arthritis, thus swapping your morning cuppa coffee instead with the green tea. Just try to have 4 cups of it every day from the morning. This is mostly due to the reason that the tea’s polyphenol antioxidants were anti-inflammatory with improved arthritis-related immune responses and considerably reduced cartilage damage.

Stir in some turmeric

Many research confirms the unique characteristics of turmeric in specifically reducing the pain and swelling found in arthritis patients. In one study of people suffering from knee osteoarthritis, just having an intake of 2 grams of turmeric in a day had proved to have such a pain relief with increased mobility that equals to around 800 mg of ibuprofen. Similarly, sprinkling half teaspoon of turmeric in vegetables or rice daily with some ballpark mustard packets in your pocket has the perfect dose for arthritis pain relief.

Load Omega-3 fatty acids

 Omega-3 fatty acids are the best-proven cure at relieving inflammation and for pacifying joint pains. Coldwater fish like salmon and tuna are reckoned to be the best dietary sources. But your body may need more omega-3s than you can have from eating fish alone, so talk to your doctor regarding adding an omega-3 supplement to your diet. And always prefer cooking with canola oil over corn oil since canola contains omega-3s while corn oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which can otherwise make inflammation and arthritis pains awful.

Sniff at some exotic dried herbs

 Japanese researchers say that the aroma of lavender has the potential to alter your perception of pain as lavender can reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) levels. This helps you to become less aware of the pain and feel more relaxed. But then lavender is not the only aroma out there that turns out to be a natural home remedy for arthritis pain relief.

As per Korean researchers, arthritis patients experience far less pain and even less depression when they were opened to the panorama of aromas in kitchen spices and herbs like rosemary, peppermint, and marjoram. Adding one or two teaspoons of the above-dried herbs to a quarter-cup of vegetable oil provides for a pain-soothing aromatherapy treatment. Taking a whiff off frequently of these aromas can give you great relief from a chronic ailment like arthritis.

Get the essence of pain relief with these essential oils

 Essential oils can be very potent in helping you get rid of arthritis pain. There are several many essential oils made from Ginger, Turmeric, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc. and their combinations that could naturally soothe the painful joints when they cramp your style. For example, researchers found out that ginger affects the pain pathways rather directly and more rapidly in many cases freeing the patients from inflammation that in itself causes pain. Similarly, curcumin is an effective anti-inflammatory Essential oil which is discovered in the case of rheumatoid arthritis patients where curcumin can significantly reduce inflammation.

Frankincense can also effectively hamper the production of key inflammatory molecules linked to chronic conditions like arthritis that can help prevent the breakdown of cartilage tissue. One of the studies published in Scientific Reports claims that frankincense, when used in combination with myrrh extracts, can help suppress the joint inflammation and its intensity. This differs in the result of using the exclusive extracts made from either of frankincense or myrrh herbs.

It is seen that a whiff of your favorite essential oil or herb can be pleasant to you, but it may plug your friend’s nose. Even if you decide to use any of these essential oils, you are first required to have a skin patch test to check for any adverse reactions. A doctor can always come in handy to check before you start using any of the above essential oils or herbs to cure arthritis.


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