10 Amazing Benefits of Carom Seeds (Ajwain) For Weight Loss, Acidity

Carom seeds are very familiar in every Indian kitchen. Many Indian dishes are incomplete without a pinch of it.  Carom seeds in hindi is known as ajawain or ajwain or ajwon. A pich of Ajwain seeds not only increases the taste, but also makes food healthier. Seeds and leaves of plant both are used for dishes and medicine as well.

Benefits of Ajwain:

1.Acidity, heart burn and indigestion:

Ajwain seeds are very effective to treat any type of indigestion, acid reflux and acidity. Active enzymes of it help in digestion and also increase parasitic movement of intestine, thus normalise acid in stomach.

For this, take 1 pinch of ajwain with 2 gm of dry ginger powder and 2 gm of fennel seeds with Luke warm water. This will normalise stomach acid.

2. Common cold or seasonal cold:

Carom seeds provide relief in nasal blockage. Oil in it makes mucous non-sticky and helps to release it easily. For treatment of seasonal cold and rhinitis, it can be used in various ways such as:

  • Dry roast carom seeds and inhale vapour.
  • Mix 10 gm of carom seeds with 500 gm of jaggery, take 5 gm of this mixture twice a day with warm water or milk.
  • Roast carom seeds with some ghee (butter), take 2 pinch of it with 1 pinch of black salt twice or thrice a day.
  • Keep ajwain powder in thin cloth and inhale it frequently.

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3. Ear pain or toothache:

All ayurvedic and herbal ear drops contain ajawan oil in its essential content. Two drops of ajwain oil provide relief in ear pain.

For toothache and bad breath, gurgle with ajwain water twice a day. Ajwain water is good for maintaining oral health thus provide relief from all types of mouth problems like gingivitis, tooth ache and dental carries.

4. Wound healing:

Thymol, one of the active and main content of Ajwain, shows properties of germicide and fungicide. Applying the paste of Ajwain seeds on wound or dressing with carom seeds oil provide effective shield from infection.

5. Carom seeds for whitening of hair:

Carom seeds help in treatment of premature whitening of hair. Boil 1 gm or 1/4th tablespoon Ajwain seeds and 10 curry leaves in 100 ml of water. Drink this mixture lukewarm for a month continuously or until you start seeing the change.

6. Carom seeds for weight loss:

Carom seeds effectively increase metabolism rate or BMR (BMI) and burn fat. Ajwain water for weight loss is very effective thus ajwain is important content of every herbal tea or weight loss tea.

Boil 1 gm of carom seeds in 100 ml of water and mix 1 tablespoon of honey in it and drink it on empty stomach early in the morning. Chewing roasted seeds after meal also fasten digestion process.

7. Benefits of ajwain water or OMA WATER:

Carom seed water is very useful for pregnant women and babies, where harsh medicine cannot be given, 25-30 ml of carom seed water provide relief from flatulence and constipation due to pregnancy. For babies 5 ml of this water is sufficient. For making it, boil 5gm or 1 teaspoon of roasted carom seed in butter with 100 ml of water; boil this mixture for 1-2 boil. Important point is always cover the utensil while doing it as Ajwain content volatile oil which will vaporise if not covered.

8. Carom seeds for joint pain:

Carom seeds can provide relief from arthritis pain due to its anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties. Apply paste of hot seeds or hot massage with carom seed oil provides instant relief from joint pain. These seeds are also rich in calcium and other minerals, boil 2 pinches of seeds in 100 ml of milk, while drinking this milk, add 5 ml of castor oil.

9. Carom seeds for acne and acne marks:

Drink carom seeds water on empty stomach this will cleanse the skin and make it glowing. For removal of acne mark, apply paste of Ajwain seeds on affected area and wash it after drying. This is very effective for clearing skin pore and dead skin.

10. Carom seeds for hormonal problems:

These seeds are god’s gift for women suffering from hormonal problems like PCOD, OVARIAN CYST etc. Several amino acids, minerals and activated contents like thymol make it good for hormonal insufficiency. Drink 50 ml of OMA WATER or carom seeds water twice in a day for 3 months continuously.

Side effect of ajwain-

Ajwain benefits are several but there are also some ajwain side effects also. So you should be cautious while using carom seeds for medicinal purpose.

  1. Carom seeds increase peristaltic movement. Hence high dose of it may cause watery diarrhoea.
  2. Ajwain seeds have very specific smell and taste, while inhaling vapour it may causes allergic rhinitis or severe sneezing.
  3. According to Ayurveda, ajwain seeds are hot in nature thus high dose may cause chest burn and vomit.
  4. Some people may be allergic to some content of seeds or leaves of it.


Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. For any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us.

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