Top 13 Health Benefits Of Banana for Heart, Weight, Diabetes and More

Banana is fruit that is cultivated worldwide. In Hindi, it is known as Kela. Banana tree is largest herbaceous plant. It is mistakenly called a tree, botanically it is a plant. Banana plant is mostly cultivated for banana fruits. There are some varieties of bananas which are also grown for ornamental plants.

Kela has some bad reputation for its high sugar value.  Due to this many people ask the question: are bananas good for you?

Magically, Kela is a very good fruit for various problems like osteoarthritis, anaemia and others. But here are some interesting health benefits of bananas which will help you to include them in your diet.

Facts about Bananas:

  • Banana calories- 100 gm of banana contains 89 calories.
  • Banana contains 0 amount of cholesterol, only 0.3 gm of fat but 23 gm of carbohydrates. Main part of carbohydrate is sugar which is 12 gm and dietary fibre 2.6 gm.
  • It has a very less protein only 1.1 gm.
  • Kela contains all types of vitamins. 100 gm of it provides 14 % of daily requirement of vitamin C and 20% daily requirement of Vitamin B6.
  • Kela is rich in minerals too. Banana contains good amount of iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals.
  • Unripe banana contains resistant starch and pectin which is very important for healthy gut.
  • It has various anti-oxidants. One is dopamine, which is very important neurotransmitter in brain. Other is catechin which is linked with healthy heart function.

Health Benefits of Bananas:

health benefits of banana

1.      Banana for heart:

Bananas contain good amount of potassium and less amount of sodium salt. There are various researches that prove, the food which have high amount of potassium is good for heart health.

2.      Banana for high blood pressure:

Good amount of potassium in banana can decrease risk of high blood pressure.

3.      Bananas for bone:

There are myths that egg and milk is the only good source of calcium, but kela contain good amount of calcium and other minerals too. Having 1-2 bananas in breakfast can provide sufficient amount of minerals for whole day.

4.      Bananas for anaemia:

Kela is very rich source of iron and folic acid which is vitamin B12. Deficiency of iron and b12 is reason behind the anaemia. For treatment of anaemia have fruit salad of 2 kela and 1 normal size of apple.

5.      Bananas for digestion:

Unripe bananas have anti-oxidants called pectin which is beneficial for growth of good bacteria in gut. Taking one boiled banana with pinch of black salt is good treatment for indigestion. Ripe banana is also good for constipation as it has dietary fibres which provide mass to stool and promote peristaltic movement of intestine.

6.      Banana for diabetes:

Bananas have bad reputation for diabetes as they have good amount of sugar. Small amount of it is good for diabetes because:

  • It has low glycaemic index, so it does not cause sudden spike of blood sugar level.
  • Good amount of dietary fibres and resistant starch provide feeling of full of stomach for long time.
  • In test tube research it has been found that unripe banana provides some relief from insulin resistance.

All these facts of banana make it a good fruit for a diabetic person. However, one should be careful about the quantity of bananas in their diet. 1 average size of it either in breakfast or in tea time is healthy snack for diabetic person.

7.      Bananas for muscle cramp:

Kela is a mandatory fruit for athletes and sport persons. It provides relief from muscle cramp. It is also linked with faster healing of muscle injuries. Having 1 kela after intensive workout is a good habit for weight gain and healthy muscles.

8.      Bananas for kidney:

In various researches, it has been found that people who have a habit of having bananas in diet are on less risk for kidney infection. According to Ayurveda, it is diuretic and alkalized in nature. It provides relief from burning sensation of urethra. For healthy kidney have 1 kela with pinch of black salt.

9.      Banana for hair:

Banana hair mask can make hair more shiny and silky. For beautiful hair, mesh 2 fully ripe bananas with 2 spoon of olive oil and apply this mixture on hair from root to tip. Wait for 30 minutes then rinse off with Luke warm water. Doing this once in a week will cause miraculous change to hair.

10. Banana for pregnancy:

Having 1-2 bananas in pregnancy in a day is the best food that you can eat during pregnancy. It is full of nutrition and energy which makes it ideal for pregnancy. It deals with pregnancy induce hypertension and constipation too.

11. Bananas for weight gain: Bananas for weight loss:

Kela is good for weight gain and loss both but amount of it is key in both the cases. For weight gain it should be taken in high amount, minimum 7-8 kela per day in divided dose. For weight gain it can be taken with milk and 2 spoons of honey and always after meal.

Whereas for weight loss, it should be taken before meal so they can make your stomach full. For weight loss diet plan replace dinner with 2 average size kela twice in a week.

12. Banana for babies:

Babies can have kela after 6 months of age. It provides enough nutrition for growing babies.

13. Banana for skin:

Mix meshed bananas with honey and apply it on skin. It is the best homemade moisturizer.

How to eat banana?

Ripe and raw both types of bananas are full of nutrition. Raw bananas should be cooked before use; whereas ripe bananas can be eaten without cooking. They have tendency to ripe very fast, so it is a good option while buying to buy only small amount and always buy half ripe bananas so that they can be eaten for next 3-4 days.

1.      Banana with milk:

Ripe bananas with milk is a good energy source for weight gain. This combination is very heavy to digest, so bananas and milk should be taken in morning only.

2.      Banana with honey:

Bananas and honey both are potent energy booster. Two meshed kela with 2 spoon of honey is good in breakfast. Small amount of pomegranate with this combination makes it tastier and healthier.

3.      Bananas with peanut butter:

As Kela does not have good amount of protein and zero amount of cholesterol. That’s why having it with peanut butter make it complete food; as peanuts contain good amount of cholesterol and protein.

4.      Banana with egg:

Shake of 1 banana with milk and 1 raw egg is good recipe for weight gain, especially for body building exercise.


Above article is only for knowledge purpose. Please contact your healthcare provider before using any of above medicine or method. For any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us.

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